Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I will admit after being absent from my blog for the past couple of months I wasn't sure whether to just put a post up and carry on as normal or not but somehow that didn't fee; quite right, so I thought instead I would come back and break the ice with a little update post.

First of all I'll explain the reason for my absence. Mainly this is because of trying to work every single hour sent my way! If anyone read my New Years post back in January you'll know that I'm off to Australia for an exciting three week adventure so I've just been working as much as possible, taking any overtime and trying to get as many pennies as I can to ensure that I can completely let loose and have the time of my life down under! (thats the plan anyway).
Now, while were on the topic of me letting work take over In trying to fund my travelling unfortunately as well as physically exhausting myself this has taken a toll on my mental health and last week it got to the point where I just had to give in and say enough is enough. Working as many hours as you can fit into a week and going days on end without a break definitely meant that my bank balance was loving life but unfortunately I no longer was, so I had a good word with myself and realised that I need to step back just a little.
Australia is all organised and paid for and I also have saved up a good little chunk of spending money so I think I can calm down a little and break my weeks up again work wise - also meaning that I now have chance to pick up blogging again (something which I have missed immensely). 
So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm back! To be honest you probably didn't even realise I was gone, lets be real but anyway I'm back to blogging! YAY!

The next little update is that I've dyed my hair, I had it balayaged blonde for the summer to have a little bit of a change but my true love for brown hair remains strong so I'm back to being a brunette and I've chosen to go a few shades darker for the meantime. Also, as always British summers are always very hit and miss. I would still say that we're in the summer months but the weathers just not very  reliable in conjunction with that.
Can I just say as well, as much as I love summer and I'm freaking out with excitement for a real summer in Australia I'm also already excited for Autumn/Winter here. Anyone else? 

Now, onto the last little update.. I have a YouTube Channel! 
Well I've had one for ages but what I mean Is I'm going to start uploading to it as a little extension to my blog, not only that but I think It seems like an appropriate place to upload footage of my travels down under. 
(I'm going to vlog this in one way or another regardless as I think its a good way to truly capture things and It also means I'll always have the memories to watch back).

Sorry If I've rambled on a little too much, I just wanted to keep you all up to date with whats happening. 
Please let me know in the comments below If you also have a YouTube channel?

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