Hi! My names Holly and I always seem to be ten years behind with new products!
I have this great talent where I buy new products as soon as they come out and then forget that I have them for a few months. Oops! So here we are, a better late than never post on some of the new Zoella Beauty products.
I didn't purchase all the products, just the ones that I thought I would get the most use out of. Also, just before I properly start this post If you want to read my post about some of the original products in the range then I'll leave the link here. 

Foam Sweet Foam - Cleansing Shower Gel:
I honestly don't think I've come across a range of products that smell so nice. I really loved the scent of the original products and these new products smell just as lovely.
I'd describe the scent as extremely feminine but a grown up sort of smell as opposed to sweet/fruity/girly. 
The colour of this product is pearlescent pink which I think is super cute and I also find that it lathers up easily.

Fresh Fizz - Fragranced Bath Fizzer:
This product is a really good size. It's more or less the shape of a chocolate bar and it consists of four chunks that can be broken off and used in segments.
I find this product to be quite like original bath fizzer in the sense the scent isn't as strong as the other products and it has a light fizz when put into water, which is great for people like me that don't like lots of bubbles and prefer just to add a bit of scent into your bath water.

Lets Spritz - Fragranced Body Mist:
I think I'd have to say that out of the whole collection the body mists are my favourite. I'm obsessed with the scents and the packaging is also really lovely.
This has the same scent as the other products I've mentioned and I'm completely obsessed with it. It's not an overpowering scent but I find that it lasts really well.

Cosmetic/Coin Purse:
Did I need this? No.
Did I want it? Yes! Of course!
I already own too many make up bags and I'm not quite sure what I intend to use this one for but I just thought the make up sketches on the front were really cute.
I might use this to keep in my day to day bag so I can keep all the make up bits and bobs I throw in there together and organised!

Have any of you tried products from the new range?
What's your favourite item?



I wanted to talk about two products that I have been loving for a long time now because I thought they deserved the recognition.
The two products are from the 'Garnier Skin Naturals' range and they are basically the same style of product; a make up remover, just in two different forms - either 'Micellar Water' or 'Micellar Wipes'.

I originally started off using the Micellar water, which I have now been using for around a year and I still love it just as much as when I first started using it.
When it comes to my make up I think its probably fair to say that I wear quite a heavy coverage of make up, so when It comes to removing it I need something that's going to do the job well but without it being a strong/heavy product that's going to cause irritation or damage to my skin. Therefore this is why I thought I'd try this product after hearing so many good things about it, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. 
This product Is so, so good for removing all kinds of make up whether that's foundation, lipstick, eyeliner or mascara. This product just works. 
If any of you use or have tried Benefits 'They're Real Mascara' or their 'Push Up Liner' you'll know that those products can be tough to remove.. but not with this Micellar water!
It's just an absolute dream for removing make up without having to rub away at your face and I find it to be so gentle on my skin. For me this product is absolute perfection!

Now onto my new found love in this range, the Micellar Wipes!
These essentially do what the water does, just in a wipe form and yes, they are just as good! The feel of them is so soft, its almost as though the wipes have a soft soapy feel to them but without actually being soap! Agh! It's really hard to explain what I mean but they really are so soft and gentle on my skin, and they just make it feel like my make up's sliding away off my face. They really are so good in my opinion!

Please let me know if you've tried these products as I'd love to know your thoughts!
Do you have any recommendations of similar products?



I've been using MAC products for a few years now and its definitely a brand that I trust and go back to, especially when it comes to their eyeshadows and lipsticks, (their Ruby Woo lipstick is probably my all time favourite and I know I'll buy another as soon as the one I have runs out). Focusing back on their eyeshadows for today though, I thought I'd share two products that I've used time and time again.

I am definitely one of those people that are drawn in by pretty colours. Golds and bronzes are my favourite colours when it comes to eyeshadows so I think thats why I use these so much.
The product is a creamy consistency opposed to a powder but I find that this makes them so easy to apply, I more often than not just used my fingertips to apply!
The products are also really pigmented, so it takes a matter of seconds to built up a really good colour.
One thing I would say that I've found with using these products is that you may want to use an eye primer or just put on a light powder eyeshadow before applying these if you want to help your product last all day. The product will stay on all day without but a primer or powder just helps to keep the full colour!

What are your favourite MAC products?
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