Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! 

*This post is the second half of my two part collaboration with M&Co featuring around University/College, so if you would like to read the first part (if you haven't already) then just click the link here
With this post I wanted to share with you tome of my top picks out of the Kylie Accessories range that I think would be helpful to have as some fun University/College essentials, so with that said lets get straight onto the first item.

Mini Scented Highlighters - Everyone finds highlighters useful, right?
I was always using highlighters to highlight important bits and pieces of information and I used them so much when it came to revising for tests!
These ones are mini, so they're super easy to drop into your bag and they're scented! Whats not to love? I also love that there's a good colour selection compared to your everyday highlighters. 

Face Mask - Alright, so whilst I agree that the most important part of University is the actual education side to things, theres nothing wrong with adding a little pampering into the routine, especially to treat yourself when you've just sat a three hour long exam or have given up your afternoon in the sun so you can revise - therefore I thought a face mask would be useful to give yourself some down time and a well deserved break.

Ribbon Hair Ties - This item is still beauty related but a little more practical and is especially something that can be used every day! 
Please don't think that I'm about to wander of topic here but if you have ever watched Lemony Snicket's - A Series Of Unfortunate Events, you'll know that one of the main Characters 'Violet' always ties her hair up when she needs to concentrate or focus on something and I am definitely like this. If I know I have a big day ahead at work or even at home when it comes to Blogging I make sure my hair us up and out of my face, so thats why I thought these were super handy to have. 
(Just to back this up my hair is currently tied up whilst I am writing this post out).

Lip Balm - The final item that I chose is the Vanilla lip balm, again this isn't essential in you getting through university and passing your exams but it is something that most people use and it's also something thats very easy to drop into your bag or pocket. If I'm ever running late or I've forgotten my lipstick for the day then always keeping a lip balm in your bag or coat pocket means that you don't have to completely go without. Also a clear lip balm like this can double up in being a life saver for keeping down any untamed eyebrow hairs or keeping stray baby hairs at bay! 
Again, with education and early mornings your appearance can be forced to take a back seat so for those mornings where you sacrifice your make up for more sleep then having a multipurpose product like this could help you in looking a little bit more awake and put together than you actually are! 

If you could only choose one of these products to have for University/College which one would you go for any why?



Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

*A couple of weeks ago something really exciting happened for me! I was contacted by the lovely Laura from M&Co and asked if I would like to have a go at styling an item of clothing - this is also exciting for me as I actually work for M&Co (not at head office but in one of the stores).
Also, while we are at it.. If you're reading I just want to say thank you to Sue for being so enthusiastic about the whole of this and a massive thank you to Dolly and Jo who are the best Manager and Area Manager that you could ever ask for! 

Okay, back to the post!
Laura asked me to choose a pinafore dress from the Kylie section of the website to style, so I chose the black Racerback Pinafore Dress £14.00 The Kylie section is aimed for 9 - 13+ but please don't think that the clothes are age restricted to that. I'm now 22 and myself as well as my friends at work who are also late teens to early twenties are always buying bits and pieces from this section and we absolutely love it, (I'm usually a size 4-6 and I wear age 11-12).
The Kylie section definitely does have items of clothing that you would typically associate with the younger side of the age range but as I said there's also plenty that you can wear from being a teenager up until a young adult! 

The first outfit I was asked to style is for a University interview. I'll admit I haven't been to University but non the less this is definitely an outfit that I would wear for something like that, even for a College / Job Interview as well as just being able to wear this to go out with friends or even day to day. I paired this with a White Long Sleeved Blouse £12.00 (also from the Kylie section) with the Pinafore Dress because I just think you can't go wrong with a smart, classic black and white look; some kitten heels, your favourite bag and a cute hat then I think you're good to go! 
The second outfit using the Pinafore Dress that I was asked to Style is for dressing down and being a bit more casual for the weekend. I would happily wear the first outfit for a casual weekend shopping or coffee with friends but I know sometimes it's preferential to be even more casual than that. With that said, I thought for starters it would be good to swap the heels for flats! I love my trusty Converse and they seem to go with so much and they're an absolute life saver if you just want to be comfy but still look stylish. Secondly I swapped the blouse for a casual jumper, I must admit, for me to be completely comfortable and casual a blouse would not be my go to thing, so I think a plain t-shirt or jumper under this Pinafore dress is the perfect thing to set your outfit off but keep you casual. Then lastly I swapped my bag up, a little rucksack is perfect for keeping  your hands free but also can be a lot more comfortable than carrying a bag on your arm or on one shoulder - this way you have the best of both worlds, in fashion, free hands and comfortable! 

Please let me know which outfit is your favourite? And also if you're guilty of being able to fit into teenage clothes?
This is what happens when you're the size of a Hobbit!

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