Hi! My names Holly and I always seem to be ten years behind with new products!
I have this great talent where I buy new products as soon as they come out and then forget that I have them for a few months. Oops! So here we are, a better late than never post on some of the new Zoella Beauty products.
I didn't purchase all the products, just the ones that I thought I would get the most use out of. Also, just before I properly start this post If you want to read my post about some of the original products in the range then I'll leave the link here. 

Foam Sweet Foam - Cleansing Shower Gel:
I honestly don't think I've come across a range of products that smell so nice. I really loved the scent of the original products and these new products smell just as lovely.
I'd describe the scent as extremely feminine but a grown up sort of smell as opposed to sweet/fruity/girly. 
The colour of this product is pearlescent pink which I think is super cute and I also find that it lathers up easily.

Fresh Fizz - Fragranced Bath Fizzer:
This product is a really good size. It's more or less the shape of a chocolate bar and it consists of four chunks that can be broken off and used in segments.
I find this product to be quite like original bath fizzer in the sense the scent isn't as strong as the other products and it has a light fizz when put into water, which is great for people like me that don't like lots of bubbles and prefer just to add a bit of scent into your bath water.

Lets Spritz - Fragranced Body Mist:
I think I'd have to say that out of the whole collection the body mists are my favourite. I'm obsessed with the scents and the packaging is also really lovely.
This has the same scent as the other products I've mentioned and I'm completely obsessed with it. It's not an overpowering scent but I find that it lasts really well.

Cosmetic/Coin Purse:
Did I need this? No.
Did I want it? Yes! Of course!
I already own too many make up bags and I'm not quite sure what I intend to use this one for but I just thought the make up sketches on the front were really cute.
I might use this to keep in my day to day bag so I can keep all the make up bits and bobs I throw in there together and organised!

Have any of you tried products from the new range?
What's your favourite item?



I wanted to talk about two products that I have been loving for a long time now because I thought they deserved the recognition.
The two products are from the 'Garnier Skin Naturals' range and they are basically the same style of product; a make up remover, just in two different forms - either 'Micellar Water' or 'Micellar Wipes'.

I originally started off using the Micellar water, which I have now been using for around a year and I still love it just as much as when I first started using it.
When it comes to my make up I think its probably fair to say that I wear quite a heavy coverage of make up, so when It comes to removing it I need something that's going to do the job well but without it being a strong/heavy product that's going to cause irritation or damage to my skin. Therefore this is why I thought I'd try this product after hearing so many good things about it, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. 
This product Is so, so good for removing all kinds of make up whether that's foundation, lipstick, eyeliner or mascara. This product just works. 
If any of you use or have tried Benefits 'They're Real Mascara' or their 'Push Up Liner' you'll know that those products can be tough to remove.. but not with this Micellar water!
It's just an absolute dream for removing make up without having to rub away at your face and I find it to be so gentle on my skin. For me this product is absolute perfection!

Now onto my new found love in this range, the Micellar Wipes!
These essentially do what the water does, just in a wipe form and yes, they are just as good! The feel of them is so soft, its almost as though the wipes have a soft soapy feel to them but without actually being soap! Agh! It's really hard to explain what I mean but they really are so soft and gentle on my skin, and they just make it feel like my make up's sliding away off my face. They really are so good in my opinion!

Please let me know if you've tried these products as I'd love to know your thoughts!
Do you have any recommendations of similar products?



I've been using MAC products for a few years now and its definitely a brand that I trust and go back to, especially when it comes to their eyeshadows and lipsticks, (their Ruby Woo lipstick is probably my all time favourite and I know I'll buy another as soon as the one I have runs out). Focusing back on their eyeshadows for today though, I thought I'd share two products that I've used time and time again.

I am definitely one of those people that are drawn in by pretty colours. Golds and bronzes are my favourite colours when it comes to eyeshadows so I think thats why I use these so much.
The product is a creamy consistency opposed to a powder but I find that this makes them so easy to apply, I more often than not just used my fingertips to apply!
The products are also really pigmented, so it takes a matter of seconds to built up a really good colour.
One thing I would say that I've found with using these products is that you may want to use an eye primer or just put on a light powder eyeshadow before applying these if you want to help your product last all day. The product will stay on all day without but a primer or powder just helps to keep the full colour!

What are your favourite MAC products?


Leading on from my lost post where I spoke about my current favourite foundation, which you can read here I thought that I'd share with you all what concealer I'm also loving currently because I think that they are a match made in heaven!

Up until trying out this MAC Concealer I have never actually found a concealer that conceals! As stupid as that sounds but I've always found that with other concealers that they've been good to use for highlighting purely because of the shade but not so good when it comes to concealing spots or red areas. With this one it actually conceals! 
The product is quite a thick consistency, so if you like to wear lighter make up then you may find that this is too heavy but I don't mind that at all so for me this product does the job! 
I purposely bought this concealer in a lighter shade to my foundation because although I use it to conceal spots and red areas before applying my foundation, I then also use it over the top of my foundation for highlighting/contouring as well. I find that this product lasts all day in terms of highlighting/contouring purposes and personally also in terms of concealing purposes but depending on what you're concealing you might find that you may need to touch up your make up throughout the day. 

What concealers would you recommend, or have you tried this one?



First of all I just need to start of by saying this foundation is a holy grail product of mine. I have been using this foundation for over a year now and I absolutely love it! 
Before purchasing this foundation I'd purposely searched for Blog and YouTube reviews on foundations that were good for covering acne, I don't suffer from acne myself and I'm lucky that I'm not a particularly spotty person but I really wanted a foundation that would be a good full coverage, so in the hopes of achieving as close to a flawless finish as possible I thought that If a foundation worked for covering acne then it would easily be able to handle covering up my small breakouts. 

I can't fault this foundation at all, It has such a good full coverage, it lasts all day and I never have to touch it up! Also when fully blended it has a matte finish (which I prefer) so my oily t-zone is kept at bay.
This foundation can be quite a heavy one if you use too much, or for anyone that prefers a more natural, light coverage so this foundation may be your idea of a nightmare if thats not what you're looking for, but if you want a fuller coverage and enjoy wearing a full face of make up then this foundation may be a product that you would benefit from looking into. 

Have you tried this product?
What are your favourite foundations?



Quotes, Lyrics, and lines from films are something that I use to help keep me inspired and motivated day to day. I love finding good quotes on Tumblr that I can relate to, lyrics that mean something to me and lines from films that I literally feel could have been written for my life! I'm sure we all have at least one little quote that we feel relates to us perfectly or that one song that you keep to listen to just because the lyrics are exactly what you're thinking - so here are ten of my most favourite quotes - enjoy! 

"Everything happens for a reason".

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".

"Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway".

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching".

"No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, how full your wallet is, our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble".

"Your struggle is part of your story".

"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever".

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will".

"And though she be but little, she is fierce".

"At a certain point in your life, probably when too much of it has gone by... you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are... especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals. And you will say to yourself... But I am this person. And in that statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love".

So there are ten out of probably hundreds of quotes, lyrics and lines that I can relate to, let me know if you relate to any of these - and please let me know what your favourite quotes/lyrics/lines are.



Just over a week ago now I purchased a couple of little bargains off of Ebay, just on a whim but I'm excited to share these little gems!

I really needed some new make up brushes as I don't really have many at the moment. Just about one brush for each product that I use which is annoying when you have to wash your brushes so often just to keep them clean! To solve this problem I thought I'd buy a cheap set of brushes to fill me in until I can afford the Zoeva set that I've been lusting over for months.These were just over £5.
Having said this though, I'm pretty happy to wait for a Zoeva set at the moment because these brushes are so good! They're amazingly soft and I was so surprised at how easy they made my make up application. I usually use my Estee Lauder foundation brush to apply my foundation, (obviously!) but I used the oval shaped one to try it out and fell in love. I didn't think I'd be anywhere as impressed as this if at all but finding little bargains on Ebay seems to be more worthwhile than I thought. 

The second product that I got was an electronic facial cleanser. Nothing fancy at all and I didn't expect it to be seeing as it was just under £10 but If you're on a budget or don't want to spend lots of money then this is a good little product to gently cleanse your face, helping to remove the last bits of your make up and also smooth over your skin. I found after using this that it makes applying your foundation easier and also helps it to stay on better. As gross as it sounds but we all know how foundation likes to cling to the drier parts of our faces, so this helps in stopping that. It won't work miracles but it is a helping hand for a small price.

Do you have any Ebay posts for me to read?
What bargains have you found?



First of all don't judge me!
I know the release of Zoella Beauty was literally so last year, (Naughty Blogger)!
I just need to start of by saying the scent of these products is out of this world! I just can't stop smelling everything and I know where the situation with the body mist is heading.. I'm going to need another one really soon!

This little beauty is brilliant for just dropping into your bath and I love that it looks like a giant chocolate bar so you can just break off a square as you use. The product doesn't smell as strong when it's in the water but then again it's technically fizzed and melted away so I guess that's why! This is perfect if you're like me and don't always want a bath filled with bubbles but still want to make your bath time a little special.

Continuing with the theme of loveliness..
 I love the colour of this, with the pearl shine to it. It smells divine and lathers up really easily with the smallest amount.

I am super impressed with this! If you've read any of my previous posts where lotions, body butters or moisturisers are concerned you know that If it doesn't dry straight away then I don't want to know but this just sinks into your skin and smells wonderful.

As I've already said I can't stop spraying this. I even sprayed it on me before going to bed.. I've never done that with a spray before. I think its because it's such a gentle, clean, fresh scent that It's just nice to smell whether it's first thing in the morning, or in my case the last thing at night!

I think Zoe and her team have done really well with bringing this collection together and its something she should be hugely proud of! 

Who else has tried Zoella Beauty?
What did you think?



I recently purchased these two lovely little gems from Boots and I thought that It was worth me sharing them with you all.
First of all It's probably worth me mentioning that there is a third fragrance mist available which is an orange scented one but I'm afraid I'm not too much of a fan so I just came away with these two.
I think Soap & Glory have absolutely hit the nail on the head with their new simplistic packaging, It's right up my street; and while I know it's not always about looks I still can't help but be drawn in.

I'm terrible at describing scents but luckily because Soap & Glory have written what they are meant to smell of on the front of the bottle It means I don't have to embarrass myself butchering descriptions.
'Mist You Madly' has the scent of 'Freesia, Cassis & Vanilla.
Although I'm not too sure on what 'Cassis' is exactly I can confirm Freesia, or floral scents and Vanilla. Also In my own opinion a bit of a fresh/talcum powder sort of scent.
'Fruitigo' has the scent of Yuzu Fruit and Wild Fig. Again I'm not too clued up on my scents for this one but It does smell fruity, just not a sweet fruity, more of a stronger smell that's less sweet and girly. I think we're at that point where I've just butchered the description of a scent so I'll stop for all our sakes.

Let me know if you've tried these! What are your thoughts?



Hello everyone and welcome to my little space on the internet!
I guess this post is an introduction to 'Its Holly-Rhian' and me - the person behind the blog.
For me my blog is just somewhere that I can share snippets of me and my life, as well as my interests.
Here are a few facts and bits of information so you can get to know me a little. 

My full name is Holly-Rhian Watson and my DOB is 25/10/1993.. that makes me definitely look a lot younger than my actual age! Is it just me that has a baby face?

I hope to share Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle posts here on my blog. I'm a self confessed make up & beauty addict and as well as that, I admit to buying more clothes than I probably need but they are the things that I love so those are the types of posts I'll be sharing as well as general lifestyle posts just to share a bit about myself.

I'm a huge Disney fan..
Theres just something about Disney films that make me feel so happy and safe, I love watching them and I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching them over and over.
And lets all be honest here. It does feel good when you know all the words and lyrics!

Reading is something I've always had a passion for even from being really young. I remember finishing all the books in Primary school for my age so having to move onto the older classes, a bit of a Matilda moment!

I love gaming..
I have always had some sort of games console on and off from first being a teenager, like different variations of Nintendo DS, Xbox, Playstation and computer games.
I now just currently have sims 4 for the computer, my PS4 and my Nintendo 3DS XL.

I'm a massive foodie..
Food hasn't always been a favourite of mine, quite the opposite and an enemy from a young age until I was about eighteen and although I do still have off days every so often, I now usually look forward to anything food related and have food on my mind almost 24/7!

I'm not usually someone to be caught up in the excitement of celebrities to the extent of fan clubs, knowing everything about them and general stalking and I'm still not like that when it comes to Dannii Minogue, (okay maybe I stalk.. just a little though) ;) but I do definitely see her as a role model and someone to take inspiration from. 
I sort of fell in love with her makeup/hair/fashion back in the days of her being on the UK X Factor and then after watching her more and realising she had a pretty awesome personality too it just sort of carried on from there.
I have been lucky enough to meet her numerous of times and also get the odd tweet every so often and I can honestly say she's one of the most humble and down to earth people I have ever met. 

I love animals..
Specifically speaking dogs more than anything, if you want to see me at my most excited then just place me in front of a dog. I also have a love for elephants, polar bears and dolphins - I'm not too sure what the attraction is but they have to be my most favourite. Overall I love the majority of animals though, sometimes more than humans, whoops! 

Reading Blogs and watching YouTube is definitely something that I find myself doing a lot of the time. Reading Blogs and watching YouTube videos is what first inspired me to start a blog of my own so it comes quite naturally to me to spend most of my free time catching up with my favourite Bloggers and YouTubers! 
And when I'm not doing this Netflix is where it's at, am I right?

I can get lost in Magical and Fantasy films so easily, anything like Harry Potter, LOTR (Lord Of The Rings), GOT (Game Of Thrones) or SWATH (SnowWhite And The Huntsman) where theres magic and mythical beasts involved and I'm there. Or witches, that comes under magic right? I love being able to lose yourself in your imagination whilst watching something like this. Studio Ghibli films, more specifically Spirited Away is an animated film that I class as this sort of thing too.

So there we are, a few facts that will hopefully enable you to get to know me a little more. 
Please let me know if we have anything in common!


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