Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

If there's one thing people could associate me with then that is Alice In Wonderland! I've loved the film and book for as long as I can remember and then went on to also fall in love with the recreations and I generally get excited over anything Alice In Wonderland related.
My friends from work are always buying me Alice In Wonderland items as birthday/Christmas presents and some of my long term friends from years ago even went as far as to nick name me HollyAlice!
So, with that said you can only imagine my excitement when I saw these beauty products - I had a meltdown from excitement in Boots I'm not going to lie!  

Pamper Me Bath Duo £8.00
How beautiful are the bottles in this set? - I love that they're like the 'Drink Me' bottles from the films! Not to mention that the packaging on this whole range is so perfect and you can tell so much thought has gone into the detail for these. 
In this set you get a Bubble Bath and a Body Lotion, so the perfect duo to have some pamper time. 

Queen Of Hearts Bath Fizzer Set £5.00
One thing I love is a bath fizzer - I'm not one to have a bath full of bubbles that often, I much prefer a bath bomb or fizzer so I was really happy when I saw these. 
Also, they're pink and heart shaped so what's not to love if you're a girly girl like me? 

Body Mist & Cosmetic Bag Set £10.00
This little set is probably one of my favourites out of what I picked up, I really love the bag and the style of writing with the quote on it and the two little body mists inside are not only adorable but they're the perfect size to put in your make up bag alongside your make up or to just drop into your handbag and keep with you at all times. 
I'm really excited to put my everyday make up into this bag and take with me! 

Manicure Set £5.00
I seem to have a weakness for hand creams as they're something that I use on a daily basis so I know I can never have to many of them! 
This hand cream gets my approval as it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy so its a yes from me and it also comes with a beautiful little nail file so you can keep your hands perfectly pampered! 

Make Up Palette £7.00
The last item that I picked up was this lovely little eyeshadow/highlight palette. I've seen other Alice In Wonderland Make Up Palettes but I never really seem to like the whole choice of colours so when I saw that these were golds and bronzes I knew that me waiting was finally worth while. I love these colours and the larger highlight is such a stunning colour! 
This palette seems like it was made for me and I know I'll get so much use out of it so I'm a very happy Alice! .. I mean Holly! ;) 

There are other items in this range such as different little sets and also some lip glosses but I just picked up my favourites and what I thought I would get the most use out of.

Are you an Alice In Wonderland fan? Do you have a favourite Disney Film/Character?



Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I'll be honest, I tried this perfume just by chance - I'm a big fan of Ariana Grande's cute style and hair so when I heard about this perfume coming out I just thought I'd give it a go and try it out.. It didn't disappoint! 

I really like that packaging, being a typical girly girl I love anything pick and when you add a fluffy pom pom into the mix then I'm won over immediately!
The scent of this is so beautiful, it is very sweet as expected but its very grown up feminine sort of scent - not sickly sweet like some that make them seem for a much younger customer. 
This perfume is perfect for people like me that are still very girly but also want something adult/feminine. I'm such a child at heart so I would literally wear disney sprays without a second thought but I'm really happy that I purchased this as it has quickly become a favourite of mine!

Have you tried this perfume or do you have your own favourite?


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