Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I wanted to do something which I haven't done before, a wish list.
I haven't been on a shopping spree for a really long time now so as pay day is fast approaching for me I've been scouring lots of websites and saving items that I may wish to purchase. After asking on Twitter which store/website you'd like me to share my wish list from - ASOS won, so here are ten items that I currently have my eyes on.

(The Faux Leather Jacket is by far my favourite - the pictures on ASOS don't seem to quite do it as much justice as the video does. It has a huge crescent moon stitched onto the back as well as a bird and then is studded with little stars which for anyone that knows me, knows I'm a sucker for a good statement jacket. Also it has a little quote on it over the shoulder which says "Well its a beautiful night for a moon dance". Something else I'm also a sucker for, quotes! I am head over heels in love with this jacket and I can't wait to purchase). 

Which is your favourite item out of the ten? Do you have your own favourites? 
If so please feel free to share in the comments.



Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I feel like I've not spoken about a perfume on my blog for a good while and since my wonderful Dad kindly gifted me this perfume for Christmas and I love it I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you all.

I've been reaching for this perfume non stop since I first opened it, so much so that I've had to consciously try and keep an eye on myself when I use it because I don't want to use it up too quickly, so I've calmed down on the all day every day use with it for now, ha! 

Okay, so I've looked on Dior's website to tell you the description/ingredients for the scent of this as I'm useless at trying to explain scents. The main scents are a combination of different roses, rosewood and pink pepper. Don't ask me on the pink pepper side of things but I would definitely agree that there is a rose scent met with something else, which now I think about it a burnt wood sort of earthy scent is what I would describe as being mixed with it. I am usually not a fan of rose scented things but I bloody well love this, I think the mix of rosewood with the rose makes it not so strongly fragrant and breaks it up a little bit so its still feminine and fresh but its almost more of a strong, crisp fresh than a gentle linen sort of fresh.
I really hope my ramblings make sense to you all but honestly if you're on the hunt for a new perfume or just want to try something new then I would definitely suggest giving this a go. I don't think I would have ever been drawn towards this perfume myself (as I mentioned usually I stay away from rose scented products) but I completely rate this one!
Complete Dad points to my pops for this, haha! 

Have you tried this perfume?
What's your favourite perfume at the moment?



Happy New Year everyone! 

I know 2017 was quite a disappointing year for me and I've heard for many others too so I'm not going to start 2018 with a reflective post of the past year, I'm merely going to continue with my little space on the internet but much more care free this year. I'm simply going to care less about silly things, continue finding happiness in the smaller things and see what that brings me opposed to false hope and continued disappointment.
So, here's to an optimistic 2018 - let's see what you have in store!

Okay, now I've got the little 'welcome to 2018' introduction out of the way I'll get straight into this post. This year I honestly didn't see much at all in the end of year / january sales (which probably wasn't a bad thing for my bank account) but I popped into town on New Years Eve, I believe it was if i remember correctly and came across a section of Skinny Dip Beauty in the Boots sale section. I knew Skinny Dip had branched out to doing more than phone cases but I'd clearly missed the memo about the beauty part so as you can imagine when my tiny little magpie tendency of a brain saw the packaging of these, I was instantly drawn in. 

There were more products and gift sets on the shelves other than what I have here if you want to check the whole range out - I have since looked online and items seem to be out of stock online but it was still allowing me to view the products when I looked but maybe there'll be some items left in your local boots so you can still purchase if you wish to do so. 

Oh, I should probably mention that Boots always offer a pretty good after Christmas / New year sale where they mark all of their gift items down to half price, therefore meaning I paid £10 instead of £20 for the large set in the box and just £4.25 instead of £8.50 for the milk carton looking bath soak - definitely a bargain if you ask me! 
I'm completely in love with the packaging and I must admit they were typically Instagram or Pinterest worthy to photograph, I mean just look at them!

Let me know If you found any sales bargains and I hope 2018 is a good one!

Zoella Beauty // Jelly & Gelato!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I'm bringing to you a post that's well overdue by about two months but I still want to post it regardless.
You know what you have a perfectly scheduled plan in your head for something to work out and be organised then it end up going the complete opposite way? Yep! That's what I feel happened here with me and this post but regardless I'm not letting anything stop me and I'm going ahead so I hope you enjoying reading my thoughts on the Jelly & Gelato range from Zoella! 

Body Mist:
I think my favourite product is the body mist so I'll start with talking about this! 
So far I have owned every single one of the body mists from the various different releases and I've liked all of them! The packaging is always so on point and also looks way more expensive than the product actually is - which brings me onto say that I think they're priced so well and really affordable. Also just rewinding back to the packaging; I love having mine out on display and I tend to reach for the body mist/s on a day to day basis. I mix them up with my perfumes or use them to top up with throughout the day. 
The body mist is also super easy and simple to take with you on the go as they are nicely handbag sized! 

Shower Sauce: 
Onto the Shower Sauce - I’ve been using this everyday for what I want to say must be at least a month and its still going strong!
I find that I don’t have to squeeze much of the product out to be able to get it to lather up, which is probably why it’s lasting me so long! 
You can definitely smell the scent of the product when you’re using it but it’s not overpowering at the same time. 

Shower Shake:
This product, is again another body wash but it’s different to the Shower Sauce This is more of what I would describe as a in shower moisturiser, so you still use it to wash with it but instead of the product lathering up it’s much more similar in consistency to a moisturiser. I really like using this after I’ve shaved my legs to make them feel extra silky smooth (or use before if you have sensitive skin). 

Bath Wafer:
This product is pretty self explanatory, it slowly dissolves when put into or under the water giving of the scent as it does. If you're like me and not always the biggest fan of bubbles then this is something nice to add to your bath without it being too over the top.

Bath Frosting:
This is probably another one of my favourite products out of the whole bunch, inside the container there are four little sachets of the bath frosting which I think are adorable and definitely handy for if you want to take them travelling or for an overnight stay.
I've just been emptying a sachet under running water and letting it work its magic of creating bubbles.

Body Scrub:
Again, this is another self explanatory product. A body scrub does what a body scrub does! I've added this one into my little collection that I have sat in the bathroom. It's definitely one of the gentler ones I own, so if you don't want to use anything that's too harsh against your skin but has a lovely scent then maybe consider giving this a go. 

Body Pudding: 
This product sort of sticks along the lines of a body scrub as well - although it's labelled as a body cream, which it still is; this does contain tiny beads which do dissolve against your skin as you use it but it just makes it that little bit different and does a helping hand of doing two jobs in one. (to some effect anyway). Obviously its not a body scrub, so please bear that in mind but I'm sure you understand the gist of what I'm trying to say! 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?



Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I'm thrilled to say that I've teamed up with M&Co again, this time to bring you something from their Kylie Summer wear range!
As soon as I saw this playsuit I fell in love and I feel like this is such a versatile piece! There's plenty of ways you could wear this; casual every day, on the beach, to a festival with lots of accessories or even for evening time if you dressed it up with some heels.
I just know I'm going to get lots of wear out of this throughout summer and if I've not worn it to death by then I'm thinking of taking it to Australia with me as well when I go at the end of the year. 
Also, the material of this is so soft and lovely to wear it almost feels like you don't have anything on! The material is lightweight too which will be so helpful in hot weather - the last thing you want is the feeling of heavy clothes sticking to you in the heat, no thank you! 
As I've already said I think this playsuit in very versatile and I love how easy this piece is to style, it's just one of those pieces you can throw on and go without too much thought but it still looks like you've made an effort and have your life together! 

Just click here if you want to check out this playsuit as it's only £16.00.
They also have lost of other amazing pieces in the Kylie section, I guess I am biased with being an employee of M&Co but honestly they've absolutely smashed it this summer with the Kylie clothes. There's so many great pieces and I already have a whole pile of clothes waiting to be packed for Australia! :)


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