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The past few weeks I have been using some new skincare products that I bought of off the Asos beauty section and I have been absolutely loving them so I thought I would put together a current skincare favourites post and share these products with you.
It has only been in the past few years that I have really started getting into using skincare products and I never really used to understand people that got excited about new skincare products but now I am one of those people and completely understand the excitement! I guess maybe I just haven't been trying out many of the correct products in the past to really get a wow factor feel from them but now I seemed to have come across three all at once, yay!

Shine Free Moisturiser:
I'll start off with talking about the shine free moisturiser, which is in the white packaging pictured on the left. 
I had never seen or heard of the brand 'Formula 1O.O.6' before seeing it on the Asos beauty section so I tried this on a whim in the hope that it lived up to expectations of what it said it could do and I wasn't disappointed. 
If you've already been a reader of my blog for a while you'll probably know how I feel about products that leave you feeling greasy and I'm not a fan so if I see anything along the lines of shine free, mattifying, oil free or in this case all three of those then Im all over it! 
I would describe this product as being more of a gel formula than a typical moisturiser but I actually really like that and I'm guessing that has something to do with it being oil free and mattifying. This works perfectly for me; it stops my skin from getting oily and as the product is quite thick I really feel as though I can notice when its been applied as my skin instantly feels softer and smoother. 

Brightening Peel Off Mask:
Moving onto the next product by 'Formula 1O.O.6' which is the orange product pictured on the right. As I mentioned just lately I've really been getting into using skincare products and face masks have been a favourite amongst these. Through trying out other face masks I have come to the conclusion that I prefer peel off masks as I can risk touching my face pretty soon after applying with how fast they dry (I have a tendency to forget I have a face mask on and go straight in with touching my face, it gets messy). Also, again I find that they are less messy in terms of removing them; I can just peel it off then and there. 
As well as what I have already said about being in favour of peel off masks, for this mask in particular the fact that this mask is clear is a big bonus in my eyes, not half as embarrassing if you're amongst company or if you have to answer the door to the post man (lets be real I'm one of those people that would rather hide in my house than answer the door but non the less still an example of the advantages to having a clear face mask).
I have only tried this face mask a couple of times and I'd say the most noticeable difference was how soft my skin was after using this. It's definitely not a heavy duty one thats going to irritate and go hard at your skin, so if you're just wanting something gentle thats not much fuss or if you have sensitive skin then maybe try giving this face mask a go.

The Abnormal Beauty Company Face Oil:
The main aim of this face oil is to reduce the appearance of blemishes and congestion on the skin so I thought I would give this a go (despite my hate for oily feeling skin) but I was honestly pleasantly surprised at this as it really doesn't feel oily at all and sinks straight into the skin almost having the same process at the moisturiser so this was a massive bonus for me.
I honestly do feel as though since using this face oil that my skin does seem more "flawless" so to speak - I'd never be one to say I have flawless skin but I have noticed a difference and I've even been wearing minimal make up more because of this so I can't just be imagining it right? 

So.. as I said at the start of this post I am now a self confessed skincare addict so if you have any product recommendations please mention them to me in the comments below.
If you want to view any of these products on the Asos website then just click the pink name/title section above each paragraph.


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