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Earlier this month I was contacted by the lovely Abi (hello if you're reading) and asked If I would like to try out some products that she thought I may like. 
I was honestly just expecting a couple of small things or maybe one full sized product so when a huge box arrived with this selection of products I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Again, thank you Abi for sending me such a generous selection of beautiful products. 
Okay.. so this could be a lengthy post but here we go..
Lets start with Cranberries & Cream Hand Cream! (£3.99). I really think this could be a new favourite of mine. This product smells amazing - it has a strong berry scent which still lasts once the product is applied. Not only does is smell really nice but the cream rubs into the skin so easily, meaning that your hands don't feel sticky or greasy. I hate greasy products that leave your hands feeling wet and slippery so for me this product is an absolute winner in my eyes. 
The Strawberry Cupcake Bath & Shower Creme (£3.99) smells equally as beautiful as the hand cream, to me it smells just like the giant strawberry Haribo sweets, yum! 
You only need to use a small amount of product to get this to lather up so I feel like I'll be using this for quite some time! 
Continuing with the lovely scent of products, the Sugared Violet Hand & Body Lotion (£4.99) smells exactly like Parma Violet Sweets! Like the hand cream this also rubs into the skin easily so you don't have to worry about being left sticky, perfect! 
The Kneipp Body Scrub (£7.95) is something that I've never seen of or heard before but I already know it's something that I am going to keep a lookout for so I can purchase it. This product is £7.95 and you can buy it from a handful of well known companies online. In comparison to other body scrubs I've used, I would describe those more like a paste, where is this product is much less paste like and more like a moisturiser but with the little  beads in it which makes it a scrub. I was so surprised by how soft this made my skin feel, not only did it feel soft from being exfoliated but it also felt moisturised as well. Another reason I really like this product is because of it being more like a moisturiser I found that it wasn't as harsh against my skin like some other scrubs which can be a little too rough. 
Now onto these super cute Soaps and Bath Melts..
These products are around £5 in price for the single ones and I believe the sets are higher in price depending on how many little cakes are in the set. There are various different ones on the Superdrug Website, from individual ones to sets if you would like to take a look at a wider variety for yourself. 
All of these products smell so beautiful and as you can see from the photos that they literally look good enough to eat! 
The two larger ones are soaps and the single smaller one, as well as the set of three are bath melts. If you have ever tried a bath melt from Lush you will know how they melt into a nice oil within your bath water; this is exactly what these bath melts are like! 
They melt under the running water so easily despite them being quite thick so you don't have to wait an age just to get into your bath and enjoy it. They also leave your skin feeling so soft as though you've put a bath oil into the water so if you want to feel pampered and have a relaxing bath then I think these would be so perfect for that.
The last two products I have to talk about are the face mask sheet, which I will admit I haven't had chance to try this yet but with it being aimed at helping with spots and blemishes this sounds right up my street! I don't really suffer from spotty skin but for the occasion when I do have a break out I thought this would be sensible to save for then to give me a helping hand. I didn't see the point in testing this out right now when I don't have any pesky spots to test it out on. I guess that's not something I should be complaining about, right!?
The Kniepp Sparkling Herbal Bath Tablet (£1.95) is also a favourite from the selection of products I was sent. This made my bath water turn a lovely deep shade of pink, dissolved into the water super quickly and the scent of it lasted though out the time of my bath.. which of course was a long amount of time. I find it impossible to have a short bath unless I absolutely have to! Please tell me I'm not the only one? 
So there we are! My thoughts on this wonderful selection of products! Oh, and a round of applause to you if you made it right to the end of this post!
Have you tried any of these products before?



  1. I've never even heard of this brand but everything is super cute! I mean look at those cupcakes. I'm glad you were able to try these out. Long baths are totally the best. What is this short bath you speak of? Thanks for sharing this! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Aw, thank you so much for your lovely comment :)
      Who doesn't love Cupcake shaped bath products right? ;)
      Haha, short bath? To be quite honest ALL my baths seem to be long ones if I've not got something to do
      Thank you for reading ♥


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