I hope you all had a fabulous time bringing in the new year and also that 2016 is everything you wish for it to be.

2015 was the year that I dipped my toe in the water when it came to blogging - I wasn't all too sure what I was doing and everything was a learning curve for me, it also still is!
Blogging is a hobby that I've truly fallen in love with so this year I want to continue with posting and have a good go at it!
So with that said, I suppose its only fitting that my first post of 2016 is one that includes some little goals for the year.

1. Continue to see good within the bad..
I have never been that person, that if asked could name something they love about themselves but in the past year I have found something, and thats being able to accept that everything happens for a reason, Karma will do its job even if it taken a long time and also that by looking for a silver lining In bad situations you start to see good things much more easily. This has really helped me not dwell on bad situations and accept that life will always have its ups and down, theres nothing we can do to stop that but we can make it easier for ourselves by sometimes just going along and accepting that sometimes bad things happen so better things can come along instead.

2. Learn to accept its okay to just be me..
I think for a long time I've put unnecessary pressure on myself to try and be more outgoing. I see and hear so many people my age always talking about the nights out that they have each weekend and on days off how they always have something planned. 
Don't get me wrong, I love having girly days with my friends and I do like having things to look forward to, like weeks away, shopping days or meals out but for me there isn't an overwhelming need to be off out and about every single time I have a minute to spare.
I guess, as me I will always enjoy being in my own company and more than happy to stay within the same four walls of my bedroom for hours on end, and I don't see that there's anything wrong with that. I'm happy there and surrounded by things that I love.. you know, like my onesie, Netflix and food! Im just kidding! (Well maybe not), but you get my point, I think its nice to not have to rely on anyone else for my happiness and to know that I'm capable of tackling life alone should I ever need or want to. 

3. Start using Instagram more..
I have had an Instagram account long enough to not even remember how long I've had it and I always follow other people, like pictures and leave comments but I never really use it to post my own pictures, so thats something that I want to do (and I've already started). 
I have a few snaps on there already that I'm going to add to, so here comes the sneaky self promotion..
If you want to follow me on Instagram then you can click my Instagram social media button at the side of my blog or search 'itshollyrhian'. Come and say hello!

4. Get back into reading..
I have always loved reading, even from first starting school. I remember having a bit of a Matilda moment where I had finished all the books in my own class and the year above so I was allowed to go into the 'big class' and start on their books. Bless me!
I still do get time to read but not as much as I'd like to so I'm going to purposely make more time for reading, whether that means taking a book in the bath with me or reading in bed at night instead of scrolling through the internet, naughty! I think we're all guilty of that though.
Also while were on the subject of books if you have any recommendations please comment them below. 

5. Continue and stick with blogging..
As I mentioned In the start of this post I have really fallen in love with blogging, so this year I want to try and get a bit of a regular posting schedule going, so if you have any specific posts that you'd like to see or just ideas in general please let me know! 

Have you set any goals/resolutions yourself for this year?



  1. Love these resolution posts that have been floating around in the blogging world, they're a great source for motivation when it comes to sticking to my own goals! Such a lovely post, really enjoyed reading it!!

    Nabeela x

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm really happy that you enjoyed it :) ♥

  2. Love these goals, pretty sure you'll do good and achieve all of them! Look forward to reading more of your blogs:) xxx

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment :) ♥

  3. I love that you have very few, very simple blogging goals that can truly impact your overall blog. Happy new Year! -new follower; i invite you to take a look at my blog- :)

    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. Aw, thank you!
      Also, thank you so much for following too!♥

  4. These are really great goals to have :)
    It is really hard to see the good in the bad sometimes and I'm really glad that you're starting to, because it can be a hard thing to get your mind to wrap around, I 100% get that! And also, there's never anything wrong with enjoying your own company. Sometimes it's really nice to go out with friends on nights out but it can also get really exhausting, and there's nothing better than just sitting doing nothing, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Good luck with these goals :) I'll go follow you on IG just now ;)

    ~Gail www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk

    1. Aw, what a wonderful comment!
      You're right, sometimes you're own company is the best company :) ♥


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