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*Last month I was lucky enough to receive some false eyelashes from Jennis Beauty to try out, so now I've had chance to do just that I thought I'd share my thoughts with you all.

Although I have a good stash of false eyelashes I only usually use them for more special occasions when I want to be that extra bit glamorous, or try to be should I say!
I definitely stay away from them for every day use, partly because of the extra hassle but mainly because my natural eyelashes are pretty long anyway but it is nice to use them just to add that bit to your look. 

The pair of false eyelashes that I have tried so far are the Kayleigh ones as I thought they were still natural looking with being wispy but also a good length. 
I really like that these lashes are a good width so I feel pretty confident In saying that they would be suitable for anyone. I'm always having to cut a little bit off of false lashes to make them a smaller width so that they don't hang over the edge of my eyelid but I think this is nice because you can either keep them at the size that they come or cut them down to your desired size. 
Another thing I like about these false eyelashes is that the edge of them is very thin and discreet, so it makes them look natural and doesn't look as though you have a thick band sitting across the edge of your lashes making it obvious you have false ones on.

Overall I really like these false lashes and I like that the packaging of the lashes is a little pull out draw style, it just adds a bit more quality to the product in my opinion.
The price of these lashes is £6.50 per pair or you can buy all four pairs available in the collection as a set for £22. You can view all of these on the website here.


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